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Glenn Beck: Here's why liberals oppose the Ohio voter law upheld by SCOTUS

Glenn Beck

What happened? 

The Supreme Court has upheld an Ohio law that removed voters from registration lists if they skip a certain number of elections. If voters don't vote for two years, they'll receive a notice to confirm their registration; if they ignore the notice and don't vote for four more years, they will no longer be registered to vote.

The voter law case was decided with a 5-4 ruling and split the court along conservative and liberal lines. Get our explainer of this divisive Supreme Court case here.

Glenn's take:

Liberals don't want voter ID laws or even to have dead people's names purged from registration because they need "help" winning elections.

"We need and must have elections that have integrity; yet for some reason ... the left just can't take that," Glenn said on today's show.

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