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Glenn Beck: 'I was bad for the nation,' but most advertisers still think Samantha Bee is OK?


Why is too much to ask for consistency in 2018?

While two advertisers have pulled their ads from Samantha Bee's show on TBS, plenty of companies don't seem to mind promoting their brand during her program, even when she uses the "c-word" on air.

On today's show, Glenn wondered why some of the same advertisers who thought he was "bad for the nation" aren't offended by Bee's vulgar comment about first daughter Ivanka Trump.

"All of those companies think she is OK," Glenn said.

But Glenn also made it clear that he doesn't believe in firing people simply for one comment or trying to take their livelihood by pulling ads.

"I don't want anyone fired. I don't want any advertisement pulled from any show ever," Glenn said.

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