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Glenn Beck looks back on his favorite early memories in talk radio


Marc Giller from the Resurgent called in to "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" Tuesday morning to expand on his recent article reminiscing about Glenn's early days in talk radio. Glenn and Giller spent a few minutes recalling fond memories of Glenn's show on 970 WFLA in Tampa Bay, which was eventually picked up for national syndication before he moved into television news on CNN.

Giller cited the "Schlub Club" as one of his favorite segments. In this recurring gag, Glenn asked listeners from an earlier portion of the show to call in with outlandish comments around the time a large segment of the audience got off work and drove home, leading these late-comers to conclude that the other portion of Glenn's fan base was somewhat unhinged.

"I couldn't wait to hear those every single day. I mean, they were absolutely hilarious," Giller said.

Glenn then revealed that the segment became impractical once the show was syndicated, as different stations would move the broadcast to different hours of the day due to time differences, reducing the impact of pitting different portions of the audience against one another.

Finally, they talked about an experiment Glenn conducted in which he spent a full hour of the program convincing listeners his first love interest was his own sister. After spinning an elaborate, completely invented tale of forbidden romance that won over many listeners, Glenn admitted he was leading the audience on as a demonstration of the impact of emotional arguments in convincing otherwise rational people to forsake their principles.

Unfortunately, some of the radio stations airing the show cut away to a live broadcast of a speech from then-President George W. Bush related to the 9/11 attacks, forcing Glenn to delay the reveal until the following day — and causing a storm of angry calls and emails from listeners who mistakenly thought Glenn's story of sibling love was sincere.

"So for 24 hours I had affiliates calling, saying, 'We are not running this show ever again,'" Glenn recalled.

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