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Glenn Beck: Postmodern social justice warriors thrive on 'contradictions and hypocrisy

Glenn Beck: Postmodern social justice warriors thrive on 'contradictions and hypocrisy

On Monday’s show, Glenn Beck broke down the politics and theories behind postmodernism, what it is and how it’s influencing our everyday lives.

Glenn said that a combination of postmodernism and Marxism could be seen in the “modern pursuit of social justice.”

"It's everywhere. It is in politics, in sports, in music, sexuality, television, language, science, art, cuisine, etiquette, architecture, literature," Glenn said. "It's not until you realize that every aspect of your life has been politicized, including the bathroom and chicken sandwiches, that you realize ... postmodernism is everywhere."

Glenn gave several examples of "contradictory and hypocritical" postmodern social justice, including: millionaire athletes who protest racial discrimination despite data disproving their claims, privileged feminists who condemn "manspreading" while ignoring real injustices against women, and protesters who base their movement on "provably false claims," then enjoy "victim status" if their claims are questioned.

"Postmodernism allows for contradictions and hypocrisy. In fact, it thrives on them," Glenn added.

He explained that postmodern theory doesn't recognize an objective reality. Instead, the truth is "culturally relative," determined by language, and subject to interpretation.

He detailed nine prevailing concepts of postmodernism:

1. Absence of reality

2. Decentralization

3. Rejection of master narratives

4. Meaninglessness of language

5. Perpetual present

6. Paradoxical juxtapositions

7. Rejection of truth

8. Acceptance of disorder/chaos

9. Paranoia/suspicion

"Postmodernists believe that change is constant. It's so constant that only the 'now' exists. And there's no way to retell history because there is no human nature," Glenn said. "Philosophy has always strived to understand what life is. But postmodernism tells us what life is not. It is not full of meaning. It is meaningless."

Watch the video clip above for more on postmodernism.

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