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Glenn Beck reflects on Anthony Bourdain loss, America's search for answers


Celebrity chef and beloved TV personality Anthony Bourdain was found dead on Friday, apparently by suicide, at age 61. The unexpected loss came just a few days after news broke that designer Kate Spade had committed suicide.

When the suicide rate is up 25 percent in America, it's clear that mental illness is a huge problem that too many people face alone. In your normal state, you know hurting yourself is not the answer, but depression can play horrifying tricks on the human mind.

Glenn opened up on today's show, speaking from his own experiences with mental pain and describing the dangers that people face while going through depression. Americans are clearly searching for answers; how can we better help each other?

"When you are in clinical depression, the mind is your biggest enemy because it knows you better than you know you," Glenn said. "When it is off-balance, it convinces you 100 percent."

The National Suicide Hotline is available for free 24/7: 1-800-273-8255.

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