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Glenn Beck sounds off on Samantha Bee's 'Nazi hair' comment


Samantha Bee, host of political comedy show "Full Frontal" on TBS and recent guest on TheBlaze, became the target of internet backlash this week after airing a segment mocking attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February for having haircuts that resembled what the show called "Nazi hair."

One of the attendees depicted was writer Kyle Coddington, whose work has been featured in publications like "OUTSET," which covers conservative and libertarian politics and culture.

Unbeknownst to Bee and the show's writers, Coddington's close-cropped hairstyle was necessitated by the treatments he is currently undergoing for stage 4 brain cancer. Despite Bee's ignorance of Coddington's condition, a wave of outrage poured out on social media, with many calling for the segment to be pulled and an immediate apology to be issued.

Bee's show complied, editing the segment to remove Coddington, releasing a formal apology and donating $1,000 to the GoFundMe account intended to support Coddington's medical payments.

Friday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," host Glenn Beck said that Bee was most likely unaware of Coddington's medical condition, but he and his co-hosts shared their frustration that Bee and other liberal commentators rely so heavily on accusing their political opponents of being Nazis to score political points or score cheap laughs. Glenn noted that his own serious analysis over the years comparing today's politicians to history's totalitarian regimes was mocked and dismissed, while wanton accusations of Nazism are now the norm.

"Mel Brooks taught us Nazis are funny. You can either be afraid of Nazis or we can laugh about Nazis," Glenn said. "It especially tickles me that the left made fun of me for always talking about Nazis with the chalkboard when I was doing serious analysis between the two, and now they're just like, 'Look at that haircut! Nazi!' "

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