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Glenn Beck: This attack on Sarah Huckabee Sanders is yet another example of liberal hypocrisy


What's going on? 

Over the weekend, a Virginia location of the Washington, D.C.-based restaurant Red Hen asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave, the owner saying that Sanders made her employees uncomfortable. After a Red Hen employee publicized the incident, Sanders responded with a tweet of her own confirming what happened.

Learn more about this controversy with our explainer here.

The Slate take ... 

Slate jumped on the outrage bandwagon with a piece headlined "Ex-White House Ethics Chief: Sanders’ Tweet on Restaurant Eviction Violates the Law." The article claimed that Sanders had broken the law by using her public Twitter account to discuss an arguably personal matter.

Glenn's take: 

On today's show, Glenn summed it up: After trying to write off Hillary Clinton's email scandal, the left has no business trying to tell us about public vs. private accounts.

"I don't know if the left knows this, but you should not be talking about people who violate ... ethics and rules and regulations about what they do with their personal phones as opposed to their public addresses," Glenn said sarcastically.

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