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Glenn: Both sides of the aisle fail to show 'intellectual honesty' in Syria blame game

Glenn Beck

After a chemical weapon strike in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, left dozens dead earlier this week, calls for U.S. intervention in the ongoing Syrian civil war have grown louder.

President Donald Trump himself said Wednesday that the gas attack, presumably carried out by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces, "crossed a lot of lines" and has altered his thinking on the Middle Eastern nation. Trump had previously vocally opposed U.S. military intervention in Syria, even after a similar gas attack in 2013.

Additionally, politicians and the news media alike have scrambled to allocate blame for the mounting horrors taking place in Syria, with some pointing to Barack Obama's failure while president to enforce his purported "red line" and others citing the nascent Trump Administration's more explicitly hands-off approach.

Thursday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn expressed little interest in playing the blame game.

"I don't really care whose fault it is. It doesn't matter to my children or your children or the children in Syria whose fault it is."

Rather than apportioning culpability, Glenn blasted the media for ignoring Obama's long record of inaction on Syria while denigrating Trump for similar passivity.

"The [Obama] Administration said there were no chemical weapons. 'We got rid of them all.' And you all carried water for them. 'We got rid of them all, and we've got to pat ourselves on the back.' and you did the patting. And now people died. '[George W.] Bush lied; people died.' Obama lied; people died. Are we going to hear that? No. Why? Because the media has no intellectual honesty."

However, he also warned his fellow conservatives not to overlook their own faults in the Syria debate.

"And don't pat yourself on the back, people on the right," Glenn cautioned. "Because quite honestly, the right has no intellectual honesty, either. It's the same story."

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