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Glenn takes to the chalkboard to explain how to make sense of the chaos in the world

Glenn Beck

On Tuesday's "Glenn," Glenn Beck took to the chalk boards to try to make sense of the burgeoning chaos in the world with the Think Tank panel. Glenn has long asserted that the purpose of this chaos is to destabilize the Middle East, Europe, and the West.

As an experiment, Glenn asked the panel how many genders there are now, or suggested they try to do Common Core math with their kids. Both issues were not given time to catch on, which lead to chaos.

He also reminisced about the investigation and impeachment hearing of former president Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinski scandal, which kept the United States in chaos for an extended period.

He cautioned that we need to find out quickly what exactly President Donald Trump did with Russia and Comey, and if what he did matters. Glenn is concerned that conservatives, who used to claim to want to know the truth, are now in the wrong if that's no longer important to them.

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