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Here is everything wrong with Brooke Baldwin's demands that female athletes be paid the same as men


On Thursday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat broke down each and every fallacy made in Brooke Baldwin's scathing monologue regarding the gender wage gap between professional male and female athletes.

“What do Serena Williams, Danica Patrick, Lindsey Vonn, Ronda Rousey and Maria Sharapova all have in common?” the CNN anchor posited to her audience.

“They’re all bad-ass women not on the list of the one hundred highest paid athletes in the world.” From here, it only deteriorated.

Here's the video:

What did Pat say? 

Pat immediately called her out for failing to be remotely factual during the monologue and said a little research would have proved useful to her.

"Let's take tennis for a minute. First of all, the men are far superior skill-wise to the women," asserted Pat. "It's been proven repeatedly. It is not in doubt. It is a fact. It is not a sexist point in any way. It is a fact of life."

"By the way, the women on the professional tennis tour know this. From Serena Williams up at the top all the way down -- they all know it. "

See his full rebuke in the clip above. 

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