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Here's what 'Democratic Socialists' don't want you to know about capitalism


Last week, 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- a self-described socialist -- defeated incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley in a Democratic House primary in New York City. Her win, a dramatic upset in the primary elections, was an early indicator of America's recent turn toward socialism.

Recent polls show that 36 percent of Americans between the age of 18 and 29 favor socialism over capitalism. Socialism's stigma seems to be fading as fewer Americans remember the spectacular failure of the Soviet Union -- the largest socialism experiment in history -- and most are seemingly unaware of the current economic disaster in socialist Venezuela.

Politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and now newcomer Ocasio-Cortez, appeal to young voters with promises of free college and healthcare while demonizing capitalism -- the very system under which they have flourished.

Filling in for Glenn Beck on today’s show, Stu Burguiere uncovered a few truths that none of these anti-capitalism freedom fighters would want you to know, such as:

  • Bernie Sanders owns three homes, one in Burlington, VT, another on Capitol Hill in D.C., and a four-bedroom vacation home on the shore of Lake Champlain.
  • Sanders qualifies as an "one percenter" -- the income bracket he so frequently attacked on the campaign trail. Though his annual income is 'only' $200 thousand per year, his $800 thousand in book royalties have elevated him well beyond the $389 thousand per year threshold to be considered top one percent. And that's saying nothing of his high-paid speaking engagements and investment partnerships.
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who campaigned on the narrative of being “a girl from the Bronx,” actually grew up in Yorktown Heights.
  • She attended Boston University in Massachusetts, a school that costs approximately $70, 000 per year.

"More than anything else, Ocasio-Cortez's story demonstrates everything that is great about capitalism. Her favorite line of a zip code determining a child's destiny runs completely contradictory to her very own story. Her father, born in New York City, her mother a native of Puerto Rico, and she was able to move out of the Bronx ... attend a prestigious university, and is all but a shoe-in to become a Congresswoman come November. She's 28 years old, by the way," said Stu. "Capitalism enables a child to change their stars. Socialism does not. This is the real story but she chose to exclude all the best parts. Bernie did the same thing."

Watch the clip above to hear what Stu adds about Elizabeth Warren and more of the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Socialist."

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