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High school conservative excoriated on social media over T-shirt -- here's her advice


The media would have us believe that conservatism is an antiquated ideology that will die out with Baby Boomers. Allie Stuckey began her vlog, "The Conservative Millennial," to disprove that stereotype.

She interviewed 17-year-old Kerby Martin on the challenges young conservatives are facing today. Martin is a high school junior who was excoriated on social media for wearing a "#meninist" t-shirt. Meninism is a satirical counter-movement to feminism.

The teenager said, "A lot of people on the left and a lot of feminists claim to support equal rights. ... But when someone comes and contradicts their beliefs they just go against them to the fullest extent, and they just try to bring them down because they have no ability to have an argument or discussion that produces a positive effect."

Martin felt a lot of conservatives her age don't speak out. She anticipates that college might be hostile to her opinions. She advises other young people to arm themselves with facts and not be afraid to speak about those facts.

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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