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Hillary Clinton says women will 'bear the brunt' of climate change 'looking for firewood

Pat Gray Unleashed

Hillary Clinton told a group of college students at Georgetown University that Global Climate Change is sexist and misogynistic and will force women to "bear the brunt looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all of the grass is finally gone as the desertification moves south and you have to keep moving your livestock for your crops are no longer growing, they’re burning up in the intense heat that we’re now seeing reported across North Africa, into the Middle East, and into India," she said.

Once again, the Democrats are resorting to gender discrimination in imaginative ways to advance their agendas. She didn't stop there. She went on to say "women once again, will be the primary…primarily burdened with the problems of climate change.”

On Tuesday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat and producer Keith groaned at her erroneous comments and wondered what will happen to all the men in all of this?

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