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I stand with all journalists INCLUDING CNN': Glenn Beck backs reporter banned from WH access


Bret Baier is under fire for a statement he made in support of the CNN reporter who was banned from a White House event on Wednesday. CNN reporter Kaitlyn Collins said she was "dis-invited from the press availability" at an announcement in the Rose Garden because the Trump administration didn't like questions she asked at a venue earlier that day.

“As a member of the White House press pool, Fox stands firmly with CNN on this issue of access,” said Baier on Fox News Wednesday evening. "We stand for access for WH reporters-no matter what you think about their coverage," he wrote later on Twitter, adding a reminder that CNN stood up for Fox News when former President Obama refused them access during his term in office.

Nevertheless, the Twitter mob came after Baier in force, accusing him of disloyalty to President Trump. Glenn Beck is backing Baier and Fox News in their assertion that we must protect our First Amendment rights. "I stand for freedom of the Press" he wrote on Twitter.

"We must stand up for even those, maybe more importantly for those we do not agree with," asserted Glenn on the show today. "As much as it kills me to say this, even though I disagree with the way CNN has handled the president and treats the president, they have this right and no government official should be able to ban somebody from an open press event....

I would like to say, CNN, I stand firmly by your right ... even though you don't stand by mine."

Watch the clip above to get the whole story.

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