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If you 'come out blazing' as a conservative, they're going to interrupt you on CNN

Buck Sexton

TheBlaze host Buck Sexton joins Tomi Lahren to discuss his guest appearance on a hostile CNN panel last week. "If you're a conservative you don't really get to say much, get to make a point or even win an argument without the army of the Left coming for you with the labels," Tomi tells us.

On the CNN panel, Buck attempted to make several salient points about the alleged Russian hacking of the election reported by The Washington Post. Every time he tried to speak, CNN’s Poppy Harlow continually interrupted him and misconstrued his comments. Tomi calls out the mainstream media's double standard; somehow Poppy "can talk over him, be aggressive and demean him, but if he fires back or just tries to speak, he's a sexist."

"This is the way it goes for a conservative who's actually going to be a conservative over at CNN," Buck says. "I mean, you can sort of play by the house rules over there and moderate your opinions and change what you say, but if you come out blazing as a conservative, you are actually going to get lit up. They're going to interrupt you."

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