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Internet has a field day over Michelle Obama-inspired school lunch served at Grandparents Day

Pat Gray Unleashed

It all began on Tuesday when Mandy Berkhof attended Grandparents Day at Robert Frost Elementary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and snapped a photo of an icky lunch she was served.

The photo shows a green banana not ripe enough to eat, chicken that looks nauseating, a "cardboard"-like flour tortilla, lettuce, and "tasteless" beans.

After her initial shock at the dish, she took to Facebook to share how disgusting the meal looked to which the photo was shared thousands of times.  She said she wasn't trying to shame anyone, but wanted to highlight her frustration.

"I don't know if it was the green bananas....or the fact that the tortilla tasted like cardboard," Berkhof told local news outlets.

"My main concern was just to post it, and get a contact person or a phone number for who to talk to about the food."

She got more than a number. Several local news outlets picked up the story prompting a statement from the superintendent.

"Those (portion sizes) are government standards," said the school's superintendent Brian Maher.   "Was that light? I really don’t know that.

On Thursday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Jeffy, Pat, and producer Keith tried to figure out the additional ingredient on the plate.

"Is it rabbit poop?"

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