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Inventor: For the first time in history 'humans have control of' DNA -- here are the implications

Glenn Beck

Inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Wednesday to explain why the the latest discoveries in DNA are as revolutionary as if humanity had just discovered the microscope.

For all of history, life has followed a simple system of DNA that every organism shares, but for the first time, humans have learned to control the “operating code,” or DNA, Walker explained.

“It’s as if we have the software of life,” he said. “That’s never happened in history before.”

Scientists and doctors can now work in the “instruction layer” that creates proteins and tissues. Walker compared advances in DNA research to getting a microscope for the first time and seeing a world of microbes we didn’t previously know existed. Working in DNA is so revolutionary it’s as if we could invent "printing, reading, writing, and thinking all at the same time in forms of medicine," Walker asserted.

“In medicine and health we are about to exit the Dark Ages,” he said.

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