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Is there a Nobel Peace Prize in store for Trump following North and South Korea's historic accord?

Pat Gray Unleashed

The leaders of North and South Korea have pledged to end the Korean War after 65 years of contention. South Korean leader Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un embraced one another through handshakes and the planting of a tree during a summit meeting at the "Peace House" on Friday.

Both reportedly signed the Panmunjom Declaration of Peace, Prosperity, and Unification that would ensure stability throughout the Korean Penninsula. Both parties also agreed to denuclearization.

On Friday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat praised the historic accord and President Donald Trump for taking a hard line with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Tune in to the clip above to hear Pat's thoughts on the historic agreement and read more on the event here

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