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Islamists are clear about what motivates them; why won't liberals believe them?


The United Kingdom, despite being attacked repeatedly by Islamist terrorists in the past two weeks, seems determined to blame itself and its foreign policy for violence perpetrated against its own subjects.

Allie Stuckey used this "Millennial Moment" to ask if political correctness is perpetuating terror. Compromise and hugs will not heal rifts between radical Islamists and free people.

ISIS, unlike the majority of Muslims, wants to return the world to 7th century civilization. They believe they are purifying society when they kill Westerners. Tolerance will not help that.

"You cannot defeat an enemy that you can't or won't name," Allie said. It is necessary to identify the problem and to stop denying the very real threat Islamists pose.

To see more from Allie, visit her channel on TheBlaze.

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