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Israel reveals stolen Iranian documents, says Iran lied about nuclear deal

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

Shocker: Iran may have been lying all this time about not having a nuclear weapons program.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Iranian leaders have been lying for years about Iran’s nuclear program and presented an archive of stolen documents that were captured by Israeli spies in January.

Catch me up:

The Iran deal, which was touted as an accomplishment under the Obama administration, was agreed upon by the U.S. and other world powers in 2015. Under the agreement, Iran promised to scrap its nuclear program in exchange for lifted sanctions.

Glenn’s take:

On today’s show, Glenn summed up the connections between a destabilized Syria; the rise of ISIS; and an Iran lying about nuclear weapons.

“This is all coming back on [then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations] Samantha Power and Barack Obama,” Glenn said.

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