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‘It was a screw-up’: Listen to Ted Cruz’s response to the Twitter ‘like’ story

Doc Thompson

Sen. Ted Cruz’s Twitter account apparently “liked” a tweet with porn earlier this week, and people ran with screenshots of the incident. In an interview, the Texas lawmaker explained the staff “screw-up” and vowed that it would not happen again.

Doc Thompson, Kal Elsebai and guest host Lauren Cooley couldn’t help pointing out the senator’s unintentional use of double entendre throughout the clip as well as his somewhat out-of-touch observation that the “like” heard ‘round the world “became trending.”

"There are so many double-meaning fails," Doc said of the clip. "You've got to really temper what you're saying when you're talking about sex stuff."

“It was a screw-up. I will say Twitter went crazy with it,” Cruz said in the interview. “It became trending.” His explanation was that a male staffer had “liked” the tweet in an “honest mistake” that would not be repeated.

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