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Kimmel shares son's heartbreaking story but adds politics


On Monday's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" host Jimmy Kimmel shared the emotional story of his infant son's open heart surgery for a congenital defect. Doc Thompson, who was sitting in for Glenn Beck, discussed the heartfelt disclosure with the Think Tank on Tuesday's "Glenn."

Doc identified somewhat as his own son was born eight weeks premature. He was reminded, though, of the last time Kimmel cried on air, which was over the death of Cecil the lion. This turned the panel's discussion over to the importance liberals place on social-media stoked causes rather than real, pressing issues.

Kimmel had also thrown in a little plug for Obamacare in his monologue.

Caleb Parker corrected the panel, reminding them that conservatives also get emotional about certain issues, which contributed to the election of President Donald Trump. Turning back to the Kimmel story, he offered that there are conservative, government-free solutions to the issue of universal health care coverage, but the United States must re-imagine health care delivery entirely.

Doc wished Kimmel had focused on his son's story only, which the panel agreed made him "relate-able", instead of adding a political flavor.

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