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Last Friday's worldwide cyber attack: Ransomware's main objective is chaos

Glenn Beck

This weekend, hackers used pilfered National Security Administration software to get into computers in 150 countries and several major corporations to hold them for ransom. The amount demanded was $300 per computer, which could result in the perpetrators making away with a cool $1 billion.

Today on "Glenn," Glenn Beck took to the chalkboard to explain to rest of the story to the Think Tank panel. The NSA thought they had found and arrested a mole inside their organization that was leaking software they intended to use to seize enemy computers. Glenn gave North Korea's missile launch systems as an example of a potential target.

Instead, a group called the Shadow Brokers got hold of the software and tried to sell it for $7 million; nobody bid on it. Glenn believed they are Russian or alt-right because they seem have used the software themselves as a response to President Donald Trump's bombing of Syria or the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.

Glenn offered that the main theme of the story is the chaos the Russians and the alt-right are trying to sow in the Western world.

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