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Latest hysteria from the left: Trump's budget will ruin students' lives. Here are the facts.


Democrats in Congress would like you to believe that less federal spending on public education equals lower success rates for students. But, as Allie Stuckey pointed out, the facts don't indicate that's true.

The Left is focusing on the $10.6 billion "slashed" from education by President Donald Trump's budget. They don't appear to recall that although former President Barack Obama pumped over $5 bill into failing schools, there was no resultant increase in proficiency.

The United States spends $600 billion a year on public schools, but is 35th in math and 27th in science compared to other developed countries.

It is clear that competition, not money, improves education.  The Knowledge is Power program, made up of 200 charter schools nationwide, consistently outperforms other education programs.

But teachers' unions stand against school choice and competition and donate heavily to Democrats. Subsequently, Democrats have turned away from change and continue on with the status quo ... to the detriment of children and their education.

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