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Lauren Southern explains what the media is getting wrong about South Africa


On Friday, Lauren Southern joined the "The Morning Blaze" to discuss what's really going on in South Africa.

The alleged violence against the white farmers came to light after series of reports claimed that there was a surge in violence against the farmers to right past wrongs in the country.

According to a report by The Guardian, violence against white farmers is at a 20-year low. However, the South African Civil Rights organization, AfriForum, disputes the finding and has spearheaded the narrative that white farmers are indeed under attack by the African National Committee.

On its website, AfriForum stated that "it is unclear that the number of farm murders in South Africa is currently decreasing."

"The ANC's continuous denial of the fact that farm murders, which are proportionally significantly higher than SA's average murder rate, are a unique crisis that needs special attention," AfriForum said.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump in a tweet called on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Fox News' Tucker Carlson to investigate the land seizures.


"Large-scale" killing of farmers has not been confirmed although reports from an Australian media source depicted farmers injured and killed in a documentary.

"It's insane to see the liberal media right now saying that Trump is a conspiracy theorist and this is all lies," Southern said. "Because this is quite public knowledge. The South African government has said they're doing it. They've started seizing their first couple hundred farms."

Southern is a Libertarian activist and YouTube personality with thousands of followers.

Catch her interview with Doc in the clip above.

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