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Lawrence Jones investigates the growing marijuana legalization movement in Texas

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What would you risk for a better quality of life? The legalization of medical marijuana is a hotly contested issue, but advocacy is on the rise among voting citizens. Even outside of the 28 states where medicinal cannabis is currently legal, more and more people are coming out in support of legalizing the Schedule 1 substance.

But why are voters changing their minds? What is driving these individuals to alter their often unchallenged and steadfast beliefs regarding the controversial substance?

Lawrence Jones set out to discover what’s pushing the growing support for medical marijuana. Along the way, he met Eric Espinoza, a 33-year-old marijuana legalization advocate who suffers from cerebral palsy and has found little relief for his symptoms outside of medical marijuana. He also came across the parents of a young girl with severe autism whose violent and self-harming behavior is only soothed by cannabis.

Watch his investigative report above to hear their stories.


Lawrence Jones together with his producer John Brooks took home the Trailblazer Award at the 2017 New York City Cannabis Film Festival for this digital short highlighting medical marijuana.

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