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Make grocery stores great again -- have charities ruined your experience at the checkout line?


If you've done some shopping lately, chances are that you've been asked to give to some charity or cause before checking out. You're already spending money on food, why would you want to give more of your money to things you're completely unfamiliar with? Is it really going to the cause that's being advertised? Why do grocery stores do these things?

"They're so intrusive at the grocery store," said Pat Gray on today's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed" where he discussed this ubiquitous intrusiveness plaguing grocery stores.

"I didn't come here to give charity causes more money! I came here for food! I came for food. It pisses me off. Even the Houston Hurricane thing. It kind of irritated me because I've given to that already. And then they put you in the position of looking like a douche bag ... Between that, the Kroger card, and the Girl Scouts who are begging me to buy cookies every time I walk in and out, they've just made it a miserable experience to go to the store. Leave me alone, leave me alone."

Pat went on to suggest that companies should remove the hassle at the checkout lines while Jeffy Fisher advocated for politely saying no thank you and carrying on.

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