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Miami students protest off-campus violence in yet another anti-gun walkout

Doc Thompson

Student activism against guns has apparently extended beyond mass killings at schools. Hundreds of students at Northwestern Senior High School in Miami participated in a walkout Tuesday to protest gun violence that happened off-campus.

After two of their classmates were shot and killed at an apartment complex, students chanted "no justice, no peace" and carried "enough is enough" signs outside Northwestern.

The Associated Press reported:

They staged the protest after the weekend shooting deaths of 17-year-old Kimson Green, a 10th-grader who was about to become a member of the National Honor Society, and 18-year-old Rickey Dixon, a former Northwestern student. Two other current or former classmates were wounded.

On today's show, Doc couldn't believe that the anti-gun walkout is now being used to protest off-campus killings as well.

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