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Middle East melee: Are Iran and Israel on the brink of war?


As tensions mount in the Middle East, Israel's government is ramping up its civil defense. Bomb shelters are mandatory, gas-masks and emergency kits are issued to citizens at government distribution centers.

"That said to me an awful lot. They are trying to protect human life," said Glenn Beck on "The News and Why it Matters". He added, "It's not the same way on the other side of the border."

Iranian forces launched more than 20 rockets at Israel Wednesday. Most of the rockets were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defense system. Israel retaliated with missiles and artillery fire across the boundary between Syria and Israel.

The confrontation marks the most critical military altercation between Iran and Israel to date. To read more about the military exchange, click here.

Watch the video above to hear the "News and Why it Matters" crew discuss the story.

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