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Ben Shapiro: Israel was smart to strike now before Iran has nuclear weapons

Glenn Beck

What’s going on?

Missile strikes on an Iran-linked army base in Syria are believed to have been launched by Israeli forces.

On today’s show, Ben Shapiro praised Israel for making a military decision now instead of waiting until further down the road when Iran would likely be able to retaliate with nuclear weapons.

“Iran does not have a functional nuclear weapon at this point yet,” he said. “[If I’m thinking], ‘I’ve got to take the battle today or I’ve got to take the battle seven years from now when Iran has nukes, I’d much rather fight the battle today.”

Shapiro also commended President Donald Trump’s “completely correct and brave rejection of the Iran deal.”

Catch me up:

Israel has officially declined to give a statement on the airstrikes. But it’s likely the missile strikes close to Damascus, Syria’s capital, came from the Israeli military, which has been on high alert after reporting “irregular activity of Iranian forces” in Syria.

What else should I know?

The missile strikes only further increase tension in the region following Israel’s recent claim that Iran never shut down its nuclear weapons program and Trump’s announcement this week that the U.S. would begin pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal. (Read our explainer of Trump’s action on the Iran deal here.)

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