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Millennial caller shares his story of addiction and recovery

Glenn Beck

Josh, a 24-year-old Indiana native, calls into "The Glenn Beck Radio Program" to share his story of overcoming drug and alcohol dependence to become a productive member of society. Glenn and Josh focus on the ways the Millennial generation is being set up for failure by constant coddling throughout childhood and adolescence.

"The Millennials are walking into the world with the lowest self-esteem of any generation ever," Glenn announces. "And it's because they realize, 'We're kind of a fraud. We didn't actually earn these trophies. We didn't have to really work for it.' And so they are looking for something meaningful in their life."

Josh credits his parents for forcing him to turn his life around by kicking him out of the house: "It's tough love. That's what Americans need to provide for the Millennials, whether it's the parents or the corporations. ... For me, I had to fall back on good values, American values from my parents that they tried to teach me. I had to basically reject a lot of the stuff you hear in college and a lot of the stuff you hear in high school."

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