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More dust settles after last week's election

Dana Loesch

Conservative talent David Limbaugh joined TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch Monday to sort out more settling of the dust after last week’s election.

"It amazes how many people missed 8th grade government classes and don’t understand what the electoral college, and don’t understand the concept of free and fair elections, which is what we had, are out in the streets protesting,” Dana said.

"This is so good, regardless of whether you were for Trump,” Limbaugh said. “This was a resounding victory for the forces who are seeing the evil of the left. And I was about the think we were done, because the demographics have changed so much by design — we learned on Wikileaks, by design the DNC, they’re trying to flood everybody, flood all the states and win. And yet you look at the states and how red these state were. If it wasn't for places like New York and California, these people would be in such a minority you wouldn't believe it."

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