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No ‘win’ here: Bill O’Reilly explains the US dilemma in Afghanistan

Glenn Beck

Why are U.S. troops still in Afghanistan, and can’t they just be brought out? Bill O’Reilly gave a quick breakdown of the situation on Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

Essentially, the NATO alliance has two choices in Afghanistan: Leave and let the Taliban take over the country, or stay and use the force of NATO troops to stabilize the local government. But despite what President Donald Trump has said, it’s simply not possible to “win” in Afghanistan, O’Reilly asserted.

“They [NATO] are incapable of imposing an orderly society on a primitive society,” he said.

If the U.S. and NATO pull out of Afghanistan, the Islamic fundamentalist movement known as the Taliban, which ran the country until the U.S. invaded in 2001, will regain power and be boosted by the Islamic State. Militarily speaking, the U.S. can’t “win” either way.

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