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Not satire: Al-Qaida linked terrorist group al-Shabab bans single-use plastic bags in Somalia

Pat Gray Unleashed

Not fake news, real news. Very real news. Though extremely ironic, Al Qaida-backed terrorist group al-Shabab announced its new measure to ban the use of plastic bags. The East African terrorist group made the announcement on July 3 which is otherwise known as International Plastic Bag Free Day.

Mohammed Abu Abdullah published the announcement on which is a pro-Shabab website that is allegedly run by the terrorist group's media department according to the New York Times.

Those who live in territories controlled by the violent group must obey the new single-use plastic bag ban. These areas are mostly in Somalia where the group operates. The irony was not lost on anyone and the internet had a field day mocking the group and calling it the first eco-friendly terrorist organization in the world.

Catch Pat's reaction to the bizarre move above. 

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