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Now he's a laughingstock:' Is Chris Christie hoping to gain relevance by attacking Ted Cruz?

Dana Loesch

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) called Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) "disgraceful" on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Wednesday, in reference to the Senator’s recent pleas for disaster relief funding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, despite having voted against a Hurricane Sandy relief bill in 2012.

"He talks about playing politics -- that's what he did with people's lives in 2012 and 2013. He was trying to play politics to make it look like he was the most conservative guy in town," the Governor said of Cruz.

From a Houston shelter where he was helping serve meals, Senator Cruz responded to Christie’s accusations, saying, “All of us spoke out enthusiastically that of course there should be aid pursuant to the Federal statutes to those in harm’s way. [However,] most of the Texas Congressional delegation voted against the final bill because the final bill got loaded up … with [70 percent] non-emergency aid.”

Cruz said the focus should remain on the people who are impacted by the storm. "I'm sorry that there are politicians who seem really desperate to have their name in the news and saying whatever they need to, to do that," the Texas lawmaker said of Christie.

“Why take this pot-shot right now?” Dana Loesch asked today’s guest on “Dana,” CRTV Host Steve Deace.

“I think what happens is when you get outed as a corrupt-ocrat, you’re goal really is to lash out at those who attempt to have some standard.” Deace said of Christie. “Seven or eight years ago, he was supposedly our bright shining light of the future of conservatism, and now he’s a laughing stock.” He then went on to ask, “Why can’t they just do an up and down clean bill to bail out people in the middle of a natural disaster? It just goes to show you how systemically corrupt Washington is.”

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