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ONLY IN FLORIDA? He wore a bull costume. They’re both accused of arson – using tomato sauce.

Glenn Beck

Of all the Florida stories, this might be the Florida-est.

Two Florida men have been accused of breaking into the home of a man they both had dated; stealing several items; and then using Ragu sauce to try to burn down the house. Marijuana paraphernalia and a bull costume were also reportedly involved. Glenn and Stu talked about this strange crime story on today's show.

Deputies found the house full of smoke, with a pot of spaghetti sauce burning on the stove and a white washcloth placed near the burner catching on fire, according to the police report. Both men have been charged with unarmed burglary, grand theft and arson.

The home owner, who told News 6 that one of the suspects wore a bull costume, called 911 when he noticed that the security cameras in his home detected motion. Deputies caught Derrick Irving and John Silva leaving the scene in a red SUV; the men said they were just picking up some clothes from the victim's home.

According to the report, an empty jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce was in the passenger's seat.

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