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Planned Parenthood president learns the hard way what happens when you tweet incorrect 'facts

Pat and Stu

Cecile Richards recently tweeted a "fact" about Planned Parenthood and was reminded of some other facts by pro-life Twitter users, including how many abortions the organization performs per day.

“Fact: Every day Planned Parenthood's doors stay open, another 8,118 people get health care,” Richards tweeted last week.

Pro-life Twitter users responded to object to the characterization of abortion as “health care.” Planned Parenthood’s numbers have revealed that the organization leans heavily on abortion as its main service. The report from 2015-16 found that Planned Parenthood performed more abortions last year while seeing fewer patients. The organization performed 328,348 abortion procedures in 2015, up from 323,999 abortion in 2014; during the same period, Planned Parenthood saw around 100,000 fewer patients.

On Monday’s “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere talked about her tweet and reminded everyone that yes, women’s health care is important – but it shouldn’t automatically mean ending human lives every day.

“First of all, [8,118 is] a terrible number,” Stu said, pointing out that Planned Parenthood should be able to help more people than that when it receives millions in federal funding. In 2015, a Congressional Budget Office report found that Planned Parenthood receives around $450 million in federal funds annually.

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