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Private school bars Glenn's children from entry because they're Mormon

Glenn Beck

Glenn revealed to the Think Tank gang on Wednesday that his family was currently searching for a different school for his children to attend next year after being denied entry to their chosen institution on the basis of their Mormon faith. Glenn explained that the irony of the situation is that he selected a non-Mormon school specifically so his kids could be exposed to new points of view.

"The Morning Blaze" host Doc Thompson then explained that his producer Kal Elsebai, who is Muslim, was sent by his father to a Catholic school specifically to challenge and strengthen his faith.

TheBlaze contributor Tracy Levinson advocated for homeschooling, pointing out it could be tailored to the interests and needs of each individual child rather than placing them in a more homogenized traditional education system.

After Jason Buttrill, lead writer and chief researcher at TheBlaze, questioned the school's confidence in the strength of its beliefs considering they refuse to admit students from other religions, Glenn defended the school's decision in part. He said school officials sat down with him to explain that their institution felt it could not "covenant" with the Mormon Church by admitting some of its members, leading Glenn to conclude that the decision was not based on bigotry.

Finally, Glenn pointed to the example of Jesus, who co-mingled with and befriended members of all walks of life.

"He didn't narrow his group down. He was actually more afraid of the people who were saying, 'No, it's done this way.' He was going to the other people. And what a great opportunity to be able to show each other what our religion really is. And it strengthens, it really strengthens [it], unless you're afraid that your side isn't strong enough, that your argument isn't strong enough."

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