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OUSTED: Australia offers lifeline to displaced white South Africans facing 'murder and torture

Glenn Beck

Australia’s home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, said this week that white South African farmers displaced by the country's proposal to allow for land expropriation without compensation, should be granted "emergency visas" due to the "horrific circumstances" they now face.

What happened?

South Africa’s governing party, the African National Congress, passed a resolution to begin the process of amending the constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without paying the landowners. This, amid a debate over white-owned land redistribution to the black citizens of South Africa.

What did Dutton say?

On Wednesday, Dutton said that white farmers deserved “special attention” because of the “horrific circumstances” they face in South Africa including, “numerous and increasing cases of rape and torture carried out on white farmers” and “a white minority in South Africa being murdered and tortured off their farms”.

How did South Africa respond?

South Africa demanded that Dutton retract his comments in a statement Thursday. “The South African government is offended by the statements which have been attributed to the Australian home affairs minister and a full retraction is expected."

Glenn's take:

"A spokesman for South Africa's foreign ministry called Dutton's remarks regrettable, adding, 'There is no reason for any government anywhere in the world to suspect that any South African is in danger from their own democratically elected government. That threat simply does not exist.' Really? Because usually, when this has happened before, the threat does exist. Wouldn't we be saying the exact opposite if this was white people taking the land from black people?" asked Glenn. "Whenever a government denies something like this, that usually means, yes, the threat is there."


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