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Radical Islamic terrorist attack in Berlin highlights the risks of refugee resettlement


Muslim Tunisian refugee Anis Amri is now being investigated as a suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack. Amri has reportedly been on a terrorist watch list since June 2016, and German authorities tried and failed to deport him after learning he was plotting a large-scale, violent attack.

Tomi has a theory about why these efforts were unsuccessful: "Probably didn't want to racially profile him or hurt his feelings."

Tomi remarks that it's not a lack of gun control or rampant Islamophobia that led to this attack but an epidemic of radical Islamic terrorism. She then reminds us that the United States has welcomed and resettled over 24,000 refugees from mostly Muslim areas since November, and Obama hopes to increase that number by another 86,000 in the near future.

"Feeling safe?" Tomi asks. "No one in this country or any civilized country should have to look over their shoulders when they're out Christmas shopping to avoid being rammed by a jihadi in a truck."

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