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Rapper starts campaign to see ‘the curve’ because he’s not sure the earth is round


What happened?

Rapper B.o.B. has started a GoFundMe campaigning for $1 million to send satellites out into space to see “the curve” – because he isn’t convinced the earth is round.

“Help support B.o.B purchase and launch one, if not multiple, satellites into space,” the campaign description said. “Help B.o.B find the curve!”

Is this legit? 

Questionable. The Verge noted that GoFundMe doesn’t require organizers to reach their money goal or fulfill their campaign promises to donors in order to keep the money. GoFundMe reached out to The Verge to say that B.o.B.’s campaign had been placed “on hold,” meaning that the rapper can’t use funds without giving people more information.

“Although this campaign does not presently violate our terms of service, we have placed the campaign funds on hold while we work with the organizer to ensure funds are managed appropriately,” GoFundMe said in a statement.

Keith Malinak had the odd story as part of the day’s headlines on “The Morning Blaze.”

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