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Sen. Ben Sasse warns: 'The perfect storm of deepfakes' is coming

Sen. Ben Sasse warns: 'The perfect storm of deepfakes' is coming

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) joined Glenn on Monday's episode of “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to discuss his new book, "Them: Why We Hate Each Other — and How to Heal."

"We're headed toward a really interesting time in human history. It's both scary and fascinating," Sasse said. "Some people's shorthand for this is the 'uberization of the economy.' I think the simpler way to think about it is just the average duration of people's jobs or their relationship at a firm is going to get shorter than ever before in human history."

Sasse went on to explain that since the time of the industrial revolution, people typically held one job for their entire adult life. But the current average time spent in the same job or with the same firm is four years and getting shorter.

"And it's going to get shorter forevermore," he added, noting that some sources predict up to 50 percent of the labor market will be freelance in just three years from now.

"What's really going to happen is, we're going to head toward a world where people are going to get disrupted out of their jobs.... We've never done that in human history," Sasse said. "It means all of the angst of what's often called 'the quarter-life crisis,' this sort of late adolescence crisis of trying to figure out your role in life ... we're going to experience that again every three to five years for our whole life. And that means there's a lot of new potential for upheaval and, frankly, for unhappiness."

What is the 'perfect storm of deepfakes'?

"In the intel community, there are people who talk about the perfect storm of deepfakes that we have coming," Sasse explained. He listed the three ingredients of the deepfake "perfect storm."

1) New technology makes it possible to manipulate people and opinions with fake audio and fake video.

2) Russia and China are already using fake-information warfare to sow discord in America.

3) America is internally divided on numerous issues, including race, gender, geography, guns, and more, which makes us especially susceptible to these divisive campaigns.

"They [Russia and China] try to exacerbate and inflame tensions on every side of every issue. The NFL kneeling controversy, the majority of the stuff online on social media in the first 72 hours after that flamed last fall ... most of it was Russian," Sasse continued. "There's actually national security exposures for this country in how much we hate each other around politics."

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