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Should Comey have waited to reopen the investigation on Hillary?

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck wondered when former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will realize "she defeated herself" on today's "Glenn". TheBlaze's Caleb Parker paraphrased former Obama adviser David Axelrod when he noted: "It takes a lot to lose to Donald Trump."

The Think Tank panel discussed an interview Clinton gave to Christiane Amanpour in which she claimed she would have won if FBI Director James Comey had not reopened an investigation into her privately stored classified government emails days before the election.

The group felt that liberals tend to find outside reasons such as sexism or racism to explain their failures rather than accepting personal responsibility. Continual use of this strategy makes them look less appealing as candidates, and it also alienates regular Americans, Jason Buttrill observed.

Comey explained to Senator Diane Feinstien (D-Calif) today that he would not, looking back, have changed his decision to inform Congress 11 days before the election that they needed to investigate. "Would you speak, or would you conceal?" he asked her and the panel, were they in his shoes.

Glenn pointed out that if Comey had chosen to conceal the investigation and was then found out later, he would have been deemed a villain. He couldn't win either way.

He noted that the person truly at fault is Clinton because "she decided, for her own convenience, not to comply with the standard way that everybody [in her position] communicates."

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