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SOCIALIST OPPRESSION: 3 things Venezuela and California have in common

SOCIALIST OPPRESSION: 3 things Venezuela and California have in common

People who don’t enjoy living on dogs and rats have been fleeing Venezuela at a record rate. The formerly wealthy oil-rich nation has been an exercise in socialism that failed, impoverishing its people and sparking riots.

Venezuela’s problems may seem far away, but have you realized that a state in the U.S. has similarly driven people and businesses to flee thanks to its oppressive policies? On today’s show, Glenn listed several similarities between California and Venezuela that should alarm you.

Both have been oppressing people with big-government policies.

California is notorious for its high taxes, and now, the state is the first to pass a water quota bill, limiting how much water you can use per day starting in 2022.

Both are driving people to move.

Hundreds of thousands of people have left Venezuela this year, and the country is on pace to lose some 1.8 million residents if people continue to leave at the same rate. Neighboring countries report around 5,000 new people arriving from Venezuela per day.

California is also watching people leave – the state’s middle class is disappearing as more people move out of the state.

Both are killing local industries with taxes, causing businesses to flee.  

Venezuelan industries are dying, the country experiencing a shortage of doctors, electricians, bus drivers, oil workers and more. In the last two years, California has seen a similar exodus as businesses leave, including Carl’s Jr., Toyota, Nissan, Jama Juice and Chevron. Many businesses have left for Texas, while a few have gone to Nashville.

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