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Sprint's 2018 Super Bowl commercial features AI in high tech lab hilariously trolling their creator


Now, this is a Super Bowl commercial we can get behind. It's entertaining, funny, and easily enjoyable. We know, Glenn Beck (and Elon Musk) are hellbent on getting a firm hold on artificial intelligence before it wipes out American jobs -- or tuns against us, but we thought even Glenn could forget his worries about A.I. for one second and laugh with us at Sprint's brilliant 2018 Super Bowl commercial.

The commercial slings mud at its competitor Verizon by featuring robots who convince their creator to switch carriers after running a thorough analysis of the benefits of switching to Sprint from Verizon.

“Doctor, I still don’t understand why you have unlimited with Verizon. Why wouldn’t you switch all your lines to Sprint? I’ve analyzed the data. Sprint’s network reliability is less than a 1% difference from Verizon’s, yet you choose to pay twice as much,” says Evelyn, the A.I. robot.

"I never thought of that," he responds.

The robots in the room then begin to scoff and laugh at the doctor who eventually ends up in a Sprint store. Pat and the crew loved it. See their reactions above.

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