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Stephen A. Smith incinerates Colin Kaepernick's NFL publicity stunt: 'He don't want to play. He wants to be a martyr'


'If he had showed out, I'm here to tell you I believe he would have had a job inside of two weeks'

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Popular ESPN sports personality Stephen A. Smith posted a 3-minute video on Monday criticizing controversial ex-quarterback Colin Kaepernick who failed to show up for a workout coordinated with several NFL teams to evaluate the quarterback's skills in a possible return to the league.

Just hours before the private practice at the Atlanta Falcons stadium on Saturday, Kaepernick switched venues to a high school field outside Atlanta, in part because he wanted his own video crew to be able to film the occasion instead of the Atlanta Falcons' personnel.

Smith blasted Kaepernick's last-minute decision to change the venue, saying the quarterback-turned-activist best known for his social justice publicity stunts would rather be "a martyr" than actually play football.

"Twenty-five teams show up in Georgia at the Atlanta Falcons' practice facility ... and what does Colin Kaepernick do? Not Tuesday when he found out about it. Not Wednesday. Not Thursday. Not Friday. Saturday, three hours before the workout because of some issue with a liability waiver, Colin Kaepernick wants to change the venue. Colin Kaepernick wants his own receivers. Colin Kaepernick wants to video things himself. Colin Kaepernick wants the media," Smith said.

"You see, you see, he don't want to play. He wants to be a martyr," he added. "But guess what, it ain't working this time. All of us believed that Colin Kaepernick would have showed out. And if he had showed out, I'm here to tell you I believe he would have had a job inside of two weeks. But it didn't happen, because he didn't show."

Kaepernick's last team was with the San Francisco 49ers, who opted not to re-sign him after the 2016 season and he became a free agent.

Watch the full video below:

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