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Susan Rice could use this grammar lesson

Glenn Beck

Earlier this week, former national security adviser Susan Rice fired back at allegations that she has requested the unmasking of Trump campaign operatives caught up in National Security Administration surveillance of Trump Tower. In an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell, Rice said, "I leaked nothing to nobody and never have and never would."

Wednesday on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Pat Gray attempted to untangle this ungainly grammatical construction. He assumed Rice meant to convey that she was innocent of leaking sensitive information, so he used the team's trusty chalkboard to suggest multiple alternative phrasings that would properly express her innocence.

In the process, Pat explained the consequences of grammatical "double negatives," leading Stu Burguiere and Glenn to facetiously ask some odd hypothetical questions.

"If you say, 'I have not leaked anything to anyone,' why isn't that a double positive, which would lead it to a double negative?" Glenn asked.

"If you multiply two positives together, you don't get a negative, you get a positive," Stu responded reasonably.

Glenn was unconvinced: "How do we know math is right? Have you checked with Common Core lately?"

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