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The Cleveland Indians will part ways with Chief Wahoo logo in 2019 for the sake of 'inclusion


According to the New York Times, the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, has successfully pressured Cleveland Indians owner Paul Dolan to do away with the team's Chief Wahoo logo "citing a goal of diversity and inclusion."

The logo has been at the forefront of national contention as college professors and Native American advocacy groups allege the use of the logo is racist. The change is set to take effect at the beginning of the 2019 season following discussions in Major League Baseball that led the commissioner and team's owner to decide that the logo is “no longer appropriate for on-field use.”

The Indians will continue to sell merchandise with the Chief Wahoo logo, however, stadium signs with the logo will be removed. The Indians will trade the logo -- which has been used since 1947 -- for a large "C" instead.

The MLB released a statement Monday discussing further plans for the team.

On Monday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat argued that the pressure from progressives and liberals "that want to be offended on behalf of Native Americans" has become too much.

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