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The media's immediate anti-gun reaction to the OSU tragedy is dangerous

Dana Loesch

Dana has some strong words for those who immediately jumped on the more-gun-control train as soon as they heard rumors an "active gunman" was hurting people on The Ohio State University campus Monday morning, including Tim Kaine and other Democrats.

"Fact: It was a law-abiding officer who just happened to be there, who used his gun control to take care of this criminal that was hellbent on murdering many people. And he used his firearm to do it," Dana Loesch said. "Guns are what ended this."

"A gun ended this," she continued. "Nothing else. Not good will. Not happy thoughts. Not telepathic joy! Nothing else ended this but a gun."

And when someone makes the what-if argument that the killer could have caused a lot more harm with a gun, Dana fires back with the argument that the damage could have been reduced had someone been carrying a concealed firearm.

And if a well-reasoned argument isn't convincing, Dana lays it out with federal statistics about the overwhelming use of peaceful defensive gun use vs. criminal use.

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