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The Texas State Fair is a weird, wonderful place


The guys wander the grounds of the Texas State Fair and take in some of the more unusual attractions, including a Chevy Malibu test track, an exhibit where fair visitors can try out mattresses, and a food stall serving something called Mexican Firecrackers. The exact nature and contents of this mysterious creation are unclear, but Pat Gray bravely volunteers to sample a few bites and rate the dish on the patented Pat & Stu 1-to-18 spoons scale

"It's spicy, obviously it's deep fried. It's spicy goo of Mexican — I don't know what that is," Pat concludes.

Stu Burguiere doesn't find Pat's description very appetizing, and even the typically-adventurous Jeff Fisher refuses to join Pat is his taste test until Stu questions his manliness.

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